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Step 1: CHOOSE YOUR ATTIRE! The first thing you need to do to begin the convenient RAW rental process is to choose your style.


Step 2: CHOOSE YOUR SIZE! The next step in the process is to select your size.  RAW has measuring charts available to choose the size that is right for you.  Proper sizing is critical.  It is your responsibility to pick your proper size.  So, be sure to carefully take your measurements and review the charts to ensure proper fit.  If you have questions or need help selecting your size you may contact us for a virtual appointment.


Step 3: MAKE RESERVATION! Once you have chosen your attire and size, you must reserve your rental garment at least one week prior to your wear date in order to ensure you receive it on time.  


Step 4: RECEIVE AND WEAR! Orders will be shipped within one to two days prior to the wear date.  When you receive your merchandise, you must verify proper style, fit and that all items are included in the package at the time of the merchandise is delivered. 


Step 5: RETURN MERCHANDISE! After wear date, use the original shipping box to return the rental merchandise.  Rentals must be returned within 24 hours after wear date in order to avoid late fees.


To return, place merchandise in the original box that it was shipped in. Seal the shipping box and affix the return shipping label that was provided.  Mail your box from any UPS location or arrange for pick-up by UPS.

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